Careful Whom You Idolize

This is what 45 million people wait for? Sorry that I am judging this without watching a single episode(I have heard his bad Joe Cocker/Michael McDonald though) but this is an American Idol? This is the next superstar?

Maybe, based on the sorry state of the music industry in general. This might be exactly the type of mediocrity people will settle for now days. I guess if K-Fed can sell why not a 45 year old white Karaoke singer.

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2 Responses to Careful Whom You Idolize

  1. Rob says:

    Well it remains to be seen whether K-Fed can sell or not. Taylor Hicks, well, to me he seems more telegenic than radio-friendly. He’s definitely a world away from the well-scrubbed young’uns that have won the competition before (except maybe Ruben Studdard, the least successful Idol to date). Anyway there must be a place for him somewhere, maybe as a host of reality television or a commenter on VH1 or something…

  2. JM says:

    I think his place in the industry is at the piano bar at the Stardust in Vegas.

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