Not A Typical Day

Normally when I am in HK my days consist of the following routine–

6am–Wake and get ready to leave for the factory in China
8am–Leave for the factory
9-10am–Travel to the factory
8-9pm–Leave for Hotel
9-12pm–Work via email (US is just getting started)
2-4am–Work via email

This schedule repeats itself 2-4 days depending on the type of trip it is. And although I love going to HK/China and I love accomplishing all the things we do this can be a very physically tiring and mentally draining exercise. It is also worth mentioning that we take 2-4 modes of transportation (Subway, Train, Ferry & Vans) and also fill out approximately 8-10 forms between leaving HK, entering into China, leaving China and then entering back into HK each and every day.

That being said this current trip is a bit different as today (an for most of tomorrow) we had a nice relaxing one so far (only 6pm as of now). This started with a leisurely breakfast which included some nice miso cod as well as some of the crispiest bacon I have had in a while. After that I went to mass at St. Joseph’s which featured a great sermon from a resident priest based on the Catholic faith being dependent on our ability to love everyone and how that is how we can be better people (No hellfire or pseudo-hatred messages which gets old real quick). This priest has been in HK for 41 years and I cannot imagine the shit he has seen in that time over on this side of the globe.

This afternoon after a wholly unsatisfying lunch (Shitty Service, Good Food) went and caught a movie; Impossible Waves. This noir style movie was quite enjoyable although I am still working out a few plot things in my head. It featured Tadanobu Asano (also in Zatoichi) who was quite mesmerizing to me and also Hye-jeong Kang (also in Oldboy) and she is pretty damn amazing and not too harsh on my eyes as well.

So far about as nice of a day in HK as I have ever had and hopefully this will continue into dinner and then into Suntori Time tonight.

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