Not A Typical 2nd Day Either

Day 2 of a lesser agenda in HK started off with the typical Conrad Hilton Executive Lounge breakfast where I sat one table behind this bozo. He was doing some sort of interview and I heard him at least 4 times say “this is off the record” so I am guessing the interview will be about 3 sentences long. He is going to run in 2008 and for the most part that is fine with me. I long for the days of the Conservative Republicans as opposed to the Christian Republicans.

After applying for my 1 year visa (Mine recently expired) I took a ride to Causeway Bay to do some shopping. My cohort was able to pick up all types of electronic goodies including the new Nintendo DS Lite which I again highly recommend. In the same building I was able to discover an entire floor of stores catering to kids clothes and much more so to young funky girls (0-5 years) which is about as perfect for me and my daughter(s) as possible. I picked up some things for both which I am sure they will remember until they day they die. On a less sarcastic note I will be able to get good shit here for years and continue to look like the superhero-dad which I am.

Again, in the same building (Nice building I would say) I stumbled into a good jazz section at the HMV (Asians LOVE jazz, and I mean all Asians) and I walked out of there with the new Roy Hargrove album, Nothing Serious and also a classic Charlie Parker album, Charlie Parker With Strings: The Master Takes. More to come on these later this week as both are brilliant and deserve their own write-ups but the new Hargrove is a stroke of genius to put it mildly.

After that went and had a great lunch which I am sure my cohort will write about in detail (that is his area of expertise). This helped completely erase a bad lunch and dinner from yesterday as well. After that wandered into a great paper store to pick up some goodies for my wife which I am sure will earn me her eternal love and worship. And finally capped this 2 day shopping bonanza (and first one may I add) in HK with picking up a slick pair of brown and orange Puma’s which are frickin awesome to say the least.

About as close to 2 perfect days in HK as I could imagine and hopefully tonight will continue this trend. Then it is back to normal with a long day at the factory tomorrow and then I get to come back for some balls-out work in about 3 weeks. Glamorous indeed.

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One Response to Not A Typical 2nd Day Either

  1. haahnster says:

    I admire your self-control and dedication to nonviolence. Had I been that near the Newt, and simultaneously in possession of cutlery (or even chopsticks), goodness knows what might’ve occurred.

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