Machine Head

You know you have gotten really old when a lawn mower gives you the chills. Alas the Craftsman mower my brother-in-law lent me died for the third time in 2 seasons and since I am not the type to fuck around off I was to all the home improvement stores. After deciding that I did not want a piece of shit Craftsman (Fuck Sears) and after seeing that Home Depot carries a low stock of crap only I settled on a store I have never purchased from, Lowes. Although the service sucks ass I was able to find my dream date, er mower in the John Deere JS20. A few specs on this bad boy–

  • Briggs & Stratton Quantum 6.75 HP Engine (with Ready Start system)
  • Gear transmission & self propelled (1-3.6 mph)
  • 21 ” cut width
  • 3-1 system which allows standard mulching, bagging and the coveted side discharge
  • Individual wheel-height adjuster system easily changes cutting height at front wheels and rear wheels for a cutting height from 1.2- to 4.2-inches (7 different height selections)

It is just to bad that Ashton & Carson had to fuck up the whole trucker hat trend as I would love to sport a Deere one now. Maybe I will settle for a nice green shirt as I need something to show my new found loyalty to the queen (I named her Kimmy).

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