Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

Welcome to Chicago Mr. Wallace. Please do not forget to pack the following before your move–

  • All 4 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Awards (5 time NBA Defensive Team)
  • All 4 NBA All Star Game elections
  • Your 10+ rebounds, 2+ blocks & 2+ steals per game averages.
  • And do not, do not forget your 1 NBA Title

In addition, Wikipedia provides a few additional details on this bad, bad man–

  • The only player in NBA history to record 1,000 rebounds, 100 blocks, and 100 steals in 4 consecutive seasons (2001-04).
  • One of only three players in NBA history to record 150 blocks and 100 steals in 6 consecutive seasons (2001-06) (along with Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson).
  • One of only four players in NBA history to lead the NBA in rebounding and blocking averages in the same season (along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton, and Hakeem Olajuwon).
  • The only undrafted player in NBA history to be voted a starter for the NBA All-Star Game.

Nice season, nice draft, nice free agency pick-ups. Keep it up Skiles and Paxson.


Looks like we got J.R. Smith and P.J. Brown in exchange for the 7’2″ lamppost known as Tyson Chandler. Way to go Pax.

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3 Responses to Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

  1. haahnster says:

    I’m getting a little excited about da Bulls again. Skiles coaches like he played: tough, hard-nosed, hard-working, aggressive and intelligent. Paxson was similar in playing style to Skiles, and has shown a pretty good knack for evaluating talent and character in combination…that’s a good thing, I think.

    They’re building a solid foundation. It’s certainly a more difficult formula than the Krause/Jackson years which was basically 1) drafting Jordan (thanks again, Portland, for passing him up), 2) getting lucky as hell with Pippen, who certainly developed well beyond *anyone’s* wildest imagination, 3) filling in with some solid role players, and 4) finding a coach who finally convinced Jordan that averaging 30 ppg and winning was better than averaging 37 ppg and losing.

    So, while it might take a couple more years to truly contend, it might not. They might be ready this year. We shall see.

  2. JM says:

    I think we are ready to contend right now.

    The Pistons are sliding in the wrong direction and losing Wallace will not help.

    The Cav’s are not ready yet as they still think Lebron can do it alone.

    The Heat are the best but Shaq is still the engine and he is slowing down and they need more than Wade.

    If the Bulls can pull off the Tyson Chandler for P.J. Brown trade I would put moeny on them being in the Eastern Finals. And also keep in mind that they can also get the Knicks pick next year (Which they will want as the Knicks will suck again) so they are ready now and for the future.

  3. haahnster says:

    Oh, good point on the Knicks draft pick. Mr. I. Thomas has officially supplanted Matt Millen as the worst executive in professional sports, in my humble opinion.

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