No Need For Good Luck Now You Bastard

Trying to tie up a few loose ends this week and wanted to touch on the anti-climatic ending to a story posted here previously entitled “Good Luck“–

Too bad for us that you will not get ass raped a few hundred times Mr. Lay. However, kudos to you for timing your death perfectly as I am sure you got to live it up a bit over the last few years leading up to your inevitable conviction. I bet he was eating T-bone steaks and foie gras (not in Chicago) every night the last few years just waiting for the big one ala Fred G. Sanford to cath up. The question I have now is whether Jeff Skilling will be his Lamont “You Big Dummy” Sanford or suffer from a heart attack himself.

The only hope is that Robert Garrow, Richard Speck, Jeffery Dahmer or any of their buddies will get a chance to greet you very, very personally at your final resting place.

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2 Responses to No Need For Good Luck Now You Bastard

  1. haahnster says:

    That has to be the smuggest looking mug shot I’ve ever seen. The f*cker is practically smiling!!!

  2. JM says:

    I do not know if this is his exact mug shot or doctored. I just liked the photo as it captures his essence pretty good.

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