Water Not Good Enough?

This Saturday, July 14th HBO PPV will feature Mosley vs. Vargas II. Earlier this year (February, 2006) “Sugar” Shane Mosley tko’d “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas in the 10th round as Ferocious had a lump closing his eye about the size of a grapefruit. Since then Vargas has stated that this swelling occurred due to an accidental head butt which miraculously does not appear anywhere on camera.

At the end of the day I am not sure if anyone wants to see this fight and I am pretty sure no one wants to see it onPPV but that does not mean that I will not buy it as I am still on the fence. I kinda feel like I have to watch this as I enjoyed the first fight but Mosley seemed several notches better than Vargas but will that still be the case?

I think Mosley will end up with a unanimous decision (Offical prediction) but there is a new wrinkle to this fight based on some recent changes put into effect by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. These rule changes include–

  • Heavier glove weights
  • Different trainer requirements
  • Beverages?

The bottom line is that almost everyone supports the new rules as they are all aimed at protecting the boxers afer some recent deaths but the beverage one has thrown people (Read Mosley’s camp) into a tail spin. What it means is that a boxer can opt to have approved sports beverages instead of water if they choose between rounds. Vargas has been training with Gatorade as he suspected the changes while Mosley will be sticking with water.

I do not want to get into a discussion regarding which beverage is better per se but I think this could be inviting trouble. What if Gatorade gets on someone’s glove and then into an eye? Will the Gatorade prove stickier and thus negate the vaseline used by another fighter? Too many small questions which could in turn have large ramifications.

The best part of this is how I might have to watch this fight for $49.95 based on the possible beverage war. Now that is hype.

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