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So I decided to buy into the Mosley vs. Vargas II fight Saturday night and I was very glad I did. I mainly bought this for two reasons–1) My wife seemed interested in the results after watching a pre-fight hype and I would like to keep the wife-into-boxing momentum going 2) I wanted to see what would happen with the whole Gatorade issue I wrote about earlier. The actual fight was the 3rd most intriguing thing to me which is pretty bad. However, all expectations were met or exceeded which is very surprising in today’s boxing climate.


  • Rock Allen vs. Henry Mitchell–I missed this one as Allen won on a 4 round unanimous decision to stay unbeaten in the welterweight division.
  • Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz vs. Randy Sui–I caught this one in the 3rd round and I knew nothing of either one of these guys which is a shame as Diaz is highly regarded. However, Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz retained his WBA lightweight title with a TKO at 2:06 of the ninth round against Randy Sui. Diaz has no KO power but the kid is relentless and you could see him moving up to welterweight in the next year or two if he wants bigger fights and purses. Diaz is a guy to watch at 26 years old.
  • Daniel Ponce De Leon vs. Sod Looknongyangtoy–Talk about a great name battle. The brief info I knew on both of these guys boiled down to Ponce De Leon being a brawler (not unlike a young Vargas) and Sod being a good Tai kickboxer who converted to boxing. They fought a few months ago with Ponce De Leon winning a 12 round unanimous decision. This one looked like it could be a long brutal fight and I was excited about it. However, this ended in the 52 second mark of the 1st round as De Leon hit Looknongyangtoy with a perfectly timed left hook as Sod missed with a lunging right hand. Sod fell flat on his face and was knocked unconscious but was revived with oxygen and seemed ok. This Ponce De Leon is one to watch as he is really exciting but he could easily be knocked out the way he knocked out his opponent last night as he is very wild.

Let’s get to the main point on the main event

“SUGAR” Shane Mosley vs. “Ferocious” Fernando Vargas

The whole Gatorade thing was a dead issue by the time I tuned in as Golden Boy Promotions (Owned by Oscar De La Hoya with partners Bernard Hopkins, Marco Antonio Barrera & Shane Mosley) filed an injunction against these new changes and got a restraining order preventing Fernando Vargas from using anything except water in between rounds. Vargas came back immediately and said he was just screwing with Mosley on this issue and he did a good job of making a mountain out of a mole hill for a few days at least and that probably did not hurt the PPV sales. Now on to the tale of the tape–

Shane Mosley
  • Record–42-4-1NC (37 KO)
  • Nickname–Sugar
  • Hometown –La Verne, CA
  • DOB–9-7-71 (34)
  • Height–5’9″
  • Reach–74″
  • Weight–153 Weigh In (unofficial, 159)
  • Stance–Orthodox
  • Trainer–Jack Mosley (Father, whom he fired 4 fights ago)
  • Big Time Wins–Oscar De La Hoya (00 & 03) & Fernando Vargas (06)

Fernando Javier Vargas

  • Record–26-3-0 (22 KO)
  • Nickname–Ferocious / El Feroz
  • Hometown–Oxnard, CA
  • DOB–12-7-77 (28)
  • Height–5’10”
  • Reach–74″
  • Weight–154 Weigh In (unofficial, 168)
  • Stance–Orthodox
  • Trainer–Danny Smith
  • Big Time Wins–Ronald “winky” Wright (99) & Ike Quartey (00)

The big thing about this fight is–

  • If Mosley wins he builds his legacy and can go on to maybe two or three more big fights and retire a legend. He has shown he is a champion and is nearing the end and should be fighting at welterweight (lighter than this lt. middleweight) to finish out his career.
  • If Vargas wins he shows he is back and he can move up to middleweight and maybe fight Taylor for a big time title shot. He has had a bright & short career but a loss probably ends it as he will not become a journeyman.

Round by Round Breakdown–

  • Rd. 1, Mosley 10, Vargas 9–Mosley is way too fast for Vargas. Vargas is off to another slow start like the first fight and he said he would avoid this.
  • Rd. 2, Mosley 10, Vargas 9–Vargas is more active but Mosley’s speed is making the difference. Not only his hand speed but also his footwork. Mosley is looking a little too much for the overhand right though and that could be dangerous.
  • Rd. 3, Mosley 10, Vargas 9–Mosley is just dominating the outside while Vargas is content to sit and pivot on his back foot in the center of the ring. Too much clinching though.
  • Rd. 4, Mosley 10, Vargas 9–Mosley is clearly outclassing Vargas and his jab looks as sharp as it ever has been. Mosley looks 3-4 years younger tonight.
  • Rd. 5, Mosley 10, Vargas 9–Mosley is so fast in his flurries it is amazing and leaving Vargas dumbfounded. Vargas has a nice jab when he uses it but it looks like he is waiting for a big opening which he is not going to get vs. a faster, lighter fighter. So far Mosley has landed 40% with Vargas landing under 20%.
  • Rd. 6, Mosley knocks down Vargas with a devastating left hook at the 2:38 point of this round. Vargas barely gets up (Ref. should have stopped it) but the referee stops it after a few seconds as Vargas is dazed beyond belief.

Unbelievable. Vargas looks like his short, bright career is over. He is not “Ferocious” anymore and if he decides to move up and fight at middleweight his legacy will probably be forever tarnished. I think he is smart enough to retire though.

On the other hand, Mosley looks fantastic in this fight and I would think his next logicalstep is to move back down in weight and fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Current lb. for lb. King and also Welterweight Champion). I cannot believe how fast he looked tonight in an overwhelming victory over a still very good fighter. It would not shock me if Sugar took down Pretty Boy later this year as this would be a huge PPV fight.

This whole buy in is a pleasant surprise and I look forward to seeing Mosley again in the next 5-6 months.

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