Recapping Recaps

Hectic. That is what I have been all this week with my sister going in tomorrow for a planned C-Section and with my wife now being under 5 weeks out from Girl #2. From nurseries to new things I am swamped and work has been adding a whole new dimension of FUBAR as well. However, I need to get back on track for my own sanity so let me review last Friday’s List point by point so I can move on–

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest–Watched it, loved it, reviewed it, done.
  2. Painting–Rocking chair done. Working on a night stand which is turning out brilliantly so far. Much, much more enjoyable than I ever would have thought. I might be bold enough to start re-painting the basement as well but I am not sure. Painting was never my thing.
  3. Weber Cleaning–33% done. Not too motivated on this on but maybe I will give it another go this week. Any suggestions from the 2-3 people who read this fucking thing?
  4. Mosley vs. Vargas II–Watched it, surprisingly liked it, reviewed it, done.
  5. Dusty Baker Watch–Still going nowhere. Is a conspiracy at work in regards to Chris Speier’s arrest and subsequent leave of absence. This whole thing is shit this year. Go Bears and good bye Qasim Mitchell.
  6. Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism–Watched it, slightly enjoyed it, not surprised by it, reviewed it. Fuck O’Reilly. Done.
  7. Garden Blogging–Dropped the ball on this one but I am enjoying some fantastic vegetables right now and so are my co-workers and neighbors. Eggplants and Tomatoes are right around the corner. This will get done this weekend.
  8. Reading Material–My grade here is incomplete. Too much of everything else to catch up here. This weekend will be a push.
  9. Hook Up–Closer but not yet done. This weekend should conclude it all.
  10. Uncrate–Skimmed but not digested.

A lot more things to do of course this weekend regarding the nursery and general house stuff but highlights include–

  • Clerks II–Hell Yes.
  • Carlos Baldomir vs. Arturo Gatti Welterweight Title Fight–This is on HBO this Saturday at 9pm (Not PPV). This is my pick for fight of the year as this is going to a crazy brawl with Gatti going balls out as normal in his backyard (AC) against this crazy fucking Argentinean. People please watch this one.

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4 Responses to Recapping Recaps

  1. haahnster says:

    I, too, own and operate a Weber grill. Man, do they cook the best or what?!

    Sadly, mine is filthy. I just call that “extra flavor”.

  2. JM says:

    I am going with that as well but mine is getting nasty. I will admit now though that I did switch to a Weber gas grill 2 years ago and my charcoal one is only used for camping now.

  3. mat says:

    If you just want to clean the cooking surface, take it to a carwash. $1 worth a pressure wash, and you are done.

  4. JM says:

    That is a good one. I might try that out for the major pieces. Thanks mat.

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