Hargrove Hittin’

Roy Hargrove’s “Nothing Serious” (The Roy Hargrove Quintet) was released 5/22/06 on Verve Records. This is the second release from Hargrove this year and his first straight jazz recording since 2000. A few weeks before this release he released the RH Factor’s Distractions (released 5/2/06 which has two great tracks with D’Angelo) which is heavily influenced by hip-hop and modern soul but I will refrain from getting into this here and now.

Nothing Serious marks not only a triumphant return to acoustic jazz recording for the trumpeter but also shows why Hargrove is the leading carrier of the jazz flame if Coltrane, Parker, Brown, Hawkins and Davis is your type of jazz (Smooth jazz NEVER welcome here). This recording puts him on the same level of Chet Baker and Clifford Brown and gives you a hint that he might be with Miles and Dizzy soon enough.

This album goes back and forth between traditional big band swing to a Parker-esque bebop feel all while keeping with RH’s modern and latin influences (Check out Habana if latin jazz is your thing). His solos are impeccable and his timing is clean from the get go.

The fantastic line up for Nothing Serious is–

  • Roy Hargrove–Trumpet
  • Justin Robinson–Alto Saxophone, Flute (3)
  • Ronnie Matthews–Piano
  • Dwayne Burno–Acoustic Bass
  • Willie Jones III–Drums
  • Slide Hampton–Trombone (2, 7, 8)

Track Listings

  1. Nothing Serious
  2. A Day In Vienna
  3. Trust
  4. Camaraderie
  5. Devil Eyes
  6. The Gift
  7. Salima’s Dance
  8. Invitation

I am not going track by track as that is not my thing but I will say that#1, Nothing Serious is a flat out burner and #3, Trust is as good as it gets and makes me think of Parker/Gillespie’s A Night in Tunisia which is one of the best of all time. Pick this one up if you are into jazz or just need a great music fix. I will also add that I consider him to be one of the best live guys out there as I have been fortunate to catch him solo and also with Michael Brecker and Herby Hancock (Please make sure you already own Directions in Music: Live at Massey Hall by these three) so if he is near get out and see him.

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