As a long time video game fanatic I have to admit that I have been in a severe rut since the X-Box came out. I loved my PS2 but it just seemed to me that their has been no innovation or exciting games in a very long time. Sure some very good games have come and gone that I am unaware of and I am never one to pass on a Final Fantasy or Madden title or any obscure Japanese RPG. I am also sure that the birth of my daughters factor into this as well as not many games but now many are WORTH my decreasing time. Yes, they all look better and most run better and quicker on their systems but what is unique about them…online gameplay? Please. If I want to play with some piece of shit over the internet I would be into PC gaming. I want my gaming experience to be for me and only me.

So the last two years I have existed on PSP (Nice load times you fuckers!) and DS (Please more games!) games essentially. For awhile I was exicted about the 360 but that sputtered out (see above). I was really excited about the PS3 but a) I already have a mortgage and b) name one unique game on that sytem with its launch (I could not either).

However, that all changed on 11/19 at 7am at a Target in Warrenville. I decided to pick up the Nintendo Wii on a bit of a lark regardless of the stupid name. I was excited about a few of the games and also the idea that maybe something new was going on with the controller. Holy shit I was right.

UPDATE–I wrote this on 11/21 and just need to post it instead of waiting to re-write it. I cannot live int he past but I love my Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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