Oscar Pool Gone Wild

For those of you stopping by for the first time this is the correct place to be. Welcome to my little home away from home to complain and praise anything I want for whatever reason I want.

On to the reason why you are here…Welcome to the 1st Annual Lindsay & Joseph Marlovits Oscar Pool! I will not only post updates the evening of the Oscars here but will also list the prize money as it accumulate over the next 10 days so you can know exactly how much you could have won had I not won it all.

Good Luck and thanks for playing the Price Is Right.


Welcome to the 1st Annual Lindsay & Joseph Marlovits Oscar Pool.

This year marks the 79th Academy Awards and since we missed gambling on the first 78 it seems like a perfect time to pick up the slack with 10 days to go (February 25th). The bottom line is that it costs $5.00 per person, not couple, to fill out the attached form and send it back to us by February 24th (And get us the money if possible) to be involved. Please fill out your prediction for every category including the tiebreaker and whoever has the most points at the end of the night takes home home 75% of the total money (2nd Place—20% & 3rd Place—5%). On top of this the person with the lowest points will gain free entry into next year’s pool based on their overall ineptness.

As you can see each category is weighted a little differently as we hope this will keep as many people in the running for 1st place all the way to the last few winners announced. Live results will be posted after each winner is announced at http://www.beautifulwhiteone.blogspot.com so you can check your progress like any good gambler or stock broker. If you have any questions you can contact Joseph or Lindsay and you are more than welcome to send this on to anyone else you might want to as we love the idea of fattening the pot.

Hope all of you can participate and good luck.

Joseph & Lindsay Marlovits

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