T-Minus 20 Months To Go

Back on 3/15/07 I sent out an inquiry for to about 25 people on the following –

Question 1–Who would be your choice regarding a 2008 Presidential candidate? I am not asking you who you feel will win or who you feel has the best shot as I only want to get a sense of who you are pulling for in 2006. This person can be from any party, they can range from an obvious candidate to someone who is not planning on running but please make this a fairly legitimate choice and not Ross Perot (And no Admiral James Bond Stockdale’s either).

Question 2–I would like to get your second choice relating to the above question as well.

And here were the results –

1st Choice
Barack Obama–47%
Hillary Clinton–18%
John Edwards–18%
Mark Warner–11%
John McCain–3%
Dennis Kucinich–3%

2nd Choice
Barack Obama–33%
John Edwards–26%
Hillary Clinton–20%
Bill Richardson–7%
Mark Warner–7%
Russ Feingold–7%

Be prepared for the 2007 inquiry coming up shortly as I am curious to see how this changed if it did. Was 2006 a changing year for your political thoughts and ideas? Are you more or less interested in the 2008 elections right now then you were last year?

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