See Knee-Jerk….

Or just regular jerk. Chicago Tribue columinst and ESPN 1000 braodacaster Steve Rosenbloom has always seemed like an idiot to me in general. The fact that most of his columns or “Rosenblogs” utilize 3-4 catch phrases over and over again (“Your table is ready”) it not only repetitive but also the worst example of a guy who thinks he is far wittier than he actually is.

I can point to a bunch of examples but this week he referred to both the Cubs & Sox’s 2nd game of the season as being “Make or Break”. That is right, game 2 of 162 is that crucial! When Lilly pitched a great game he could not simply acknowledge it the next day as he instead had to mockingly refer to him as Cy Young bound Lilly. And after Vasquez got rocked he went on and on about how they are in for a long season. Everyone who knows me knows I hate the Sox but come on, how can a 90 win team be in trouble after going 0-2.

Steve Rosenbloom. Your table has never been and will never be ready. Go back to writing your 1 paragraph report about poker in the Tribune and shut the fuck up regarding sports.

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