Sony Love to Sony Hate


Fuck the PSP!   I used to be the biggest Sony lover ever but each year I am becoming more of a Sony hater.  First I went through 3 Sony laptops in the course of three years as they all either sucked or just did not have the juice needed for any real business.  Then they basically screwed over PS2 owners while they were twiddling their thumbs on the PS3.  Now my piece of shit – slow load times – crappy battery life PSP fucking dies for no reason.  I e-mail Sony about this and get the automated response that they will respond within 48 hours – where are the dip shits not that we are at 96 hours and do not give me holiday bullshit. Let’s recap – 

  • Sony Laptop NOW MAC Book  
  • Sony PS2-3 NOW Nintendo Wi
  • Sony PSP NOW Nintendo DS 

I am this (my fingers are touching) close of being Sony purged you bastards so fuck off. *sorry for the language but I did get more upset the more I wrote. 

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I am not here to please anyone.
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