T-Minus 4 Days

Vacation is on the horizon.  After a year skipped due to impending birth of littlest lovely one we are back on track to visit Ludington, MI or my 10th or 11th time.  Besides being swamped at work, overloaded with trying to sell 2 homes (read Mom’s and ours) and a little stressed about packing for the entire 101st airborne I am very excited.  Many thing to be excited about but I can only express this using my one true love of writing…bullet points – 

  • Time to read
  • Time to fish
  • Time to play with kids 
  • Time to spend with weefe
  • Time to fish
  • Time to grill 
  • Time to clean and eat fish
  • Time to eat ice cream 
  • Time to blog a little
  • Time to catch up on life
  • Time to fish
  • Time to schedule the next 4 months in my own brain

And I am really pumped to get up at 4-5am and fish every chance I get. 

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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