Dead Horses

This week while on the road I listened to a lot of sport’s talk radio and I have a list of topics that I am so fucking sick of –

  • Barry Bonds – He lied to the grand jury.  He will probably plea out of it but do not think that changes the record.  Sure it changes the HOF for good but we knew that already pretty much.  Funny that the all time hits and home run leaders will not be in the HOF.  Enough already but it is nice that Greg Anderson got out to stretch his legs and not his asshole.
  • A-Rod & Boras.  He went back to the Yankees and if you think anyone in this camp is unhappy about the 270MM contract he is getting you are crazy.  This was simply a nice PR backup.
  • NFL MVP discussions.  It is a little early no matter what but right now it is no question.  Tom Brady is the beginning and end.
  • The Knicks. Yeah, they are a fucking joke in every way.  Move on.

Just need to close these for myself.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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