Sweet China

One aspect of my job that significantly changed for the better is staying in China and not the slicked-back-modern-faux-China that is Hong Kong.  I enjoy everything about it but mainly the fact that I can settle into it 24 hours a day for 7 straight days makes it a completely different experience from my previous 8-10 trips here over that last several years.  A couple noteworthy points –

  • The people.  Getting their reaction to me and seeing things a little more clearly from their persepctive has been a treat and something I savor every day. Whether it is in following their discussions to watching people go about their daily life it is amazing in every way.  It is also quite rewarding having a more rural experience some days as well.
  • The food.  I used to come here and love going for the traditional big lunches and dinners but now I could care less about that as it is in the little places that the really goodies are waiting for you.  Maybe it is in a seasonal lotus dish or maybe something along the lines of a local pig stomach (That was quite good) but no matter what it is it is fantastic in every way.  God bless the Chinese breakfast.
  • The tea.  I am not a big tea drinker at home but here it is a steady part of my diet as I have not had a coke product in 4 days (must be a record for me).  The different tastes are a major part of this but the actual materials and ceremony involved in each one is a blast.  I need to pick up a Kung-Fu tea set before I leave one of these times.
  • Chairman Mao.  So much great Mao artwork here it could drive me nuts.  I wish I could stuff 10 prints in my suitcase and decorate my home with them but something makes me think that the weefe might question this decorations style.

Next time I will add some pictures as well.

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