Copper & Wool?

This weekend marks the 7th Year of marriage to the weefe.  A quick rundown of 7 years – 

  •  2 Weddings (Vegas & Catholic)
  • 3 Apartments, 1 House (Not quite yet at 2 but close)
  • 2 Children

And a whole lot of fun.  So what is the “traditional” gift for this merry occasion – Copper & Wool.  Sounds pretty sexy to me. 

  1. How about a copper scalp massager like they sell at the Body Shop? – Not going to happen.
  2. What about a copper pot? – Already have a set, thank you C&B.
  3. What about a copper mailbox? – Already have one, thank you Smith & Hawken.
  4. What about a scarf? – 10 years in Chicago means we have a shitload of scarves.
  5. How about a sweater? – Not too romantic.

I think I will stay with my traditional of a weekend sans the little devil spawns in lovely, frigid downtown Chicago.  A little shopping, a little fine dining and maybe a museum or movie to top it off.  Take the kids out of the picture and we would probably just enjoy sleeping in at the Palmer House. Or maybe I can go with the contemporary gift – A Desk Set.  However that might end the streak before we even get to the good Bronze or Linen gifts(8th Anniv.).

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I am not here to please anyone.
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