Another Pick

Please remember to get your Academy Ballots into me as soon as possible.  Today’s thoughts below –  ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE

  •  Cate Blanchett, Elizabeth: The Golden Age – Gotta love her but not going to win for a sequel regardless how high-brow it is.  Not going to happen.
  • Julie Christie, Away From Her – The winner of both Screen Actors Guild Awards & Golden Globes in this category she is the odds on favorite and I will probably have to pick her.
  • Marion Cotillard, La Vie En Rose – Not gonna happen.  Possibly the most deserving based on everything I have heard but again, not going to happen.
  • Laura Linney, The Savages – A critical darling but the fact is not enough folks saw this one and it has so little buzz on her performance it is a surprise she was nominated in my opinion
  • Ellen Page, Juno – I would love to see this one pull through and I might still even pick it to defy odds.  However,  even in a down-year in this category (I think so), her age and Julie Christie are two factors I do not think she will overcome.
Tomorrow I will take on supporting roles and possibly the 2 big writing categories in case you care.  Thanks again.


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