Unleash Hell

So I got the wife a MacBook as we all know.  I love Mac.  Everyone with a brain should love a Mac unless they are just too stubborn or arrogant to try one (Please note that I am not saying better than a PC, I simply said love one). I knew she would love it and possibly expand her almost non-existent care for working on a computer.   My guess was quite accurate as she has formed a new love affair with her computer overall.  In particular she seems to have discovered the “interne” which is funny as hell.  This “discovery” has also brought her into the dark side though….  


I knew of this devil but in general avoid such demon sees whenever possible.  However, she has now dragged me down into the abyss by having me join to add to her growing “friend” list.  This is getting a little more frightening by the hour as well as I can confess that while I am  writing this little piece I am also playing her in Scrabble via Facebook although she is sitting across our kitchen table from me.     Please….someone help me.  The horror.  The horror. 

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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