Holy crap!  The Bears overcome a crappy 2nd half by the offense (Christ Orton, nice 3rd) to make a miracle stop on 4th at the 1 yard line.  God bless you tonight Bears.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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4 Responses to Exhale

  1. Blog Stalker says:

    The Bears suck…who really cares!

  2. Blog Stalker says:

    Oh…God had nothing to do with it…he has better things to do I’m sure!!!

  3. martineden says:

    Ok. Bears suck I guess but how about a little less ballsy post.

    And did I say that God had something to do with it. Do people forget how to read and write the moment they sign in?

    My words – “God Bless You Tonight” – Do not indicate that God had any action in or during the game. My words did not ask for God to help or alter the game. My words simply ask God to bless a group of individuals after a good effort in their chosen profession.

    Seriously, stupidity is on the rise.

  4. Superfan says:

    God does care about the Bears…

    His name is Mike Ditka.

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