Material Girls/Boys

8 years of marriage and we are finally at…..Rubber and Linens?  Really?  That is all you get at 8 years?  What we missed the plastic and nylon stage?  Jesus, I need to reinvent these stupid thresholds for the sake of all of us.  Check it out below with the year, traditional and modern gift reading left to right.

Love you Honey.

1   Paper                    Clocks
2   Cotton                  China
3   Leather                 Crystal
4   Silk/Flowers          Appliances
5   Wood                    Silverware
6   Candy/Iron           Wood
7   Wool/Copper        Desk Sets
8   Bronze/Rubber     Linens
9   Pottery                 Leather
10  Tin                        Diamond Jewelry
11  Steel                     Fashion Jewelry
12  Linen                    Pearls
13  Lace                     Textiles
14  Ivory                    Gold Jewelry
15  Crystal                 Watches
20  China                   Platinum     
25  Silver                   Silver
30  Pearl                    Pearl
35  Coral                   Jade
40  Ruby                    Ruby
45  Sapphire              Sapphire
50  Gold                    Gold
55  Emerald              Emerald
60  Diamond             Diamond

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I am not here to please anyone.
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One Response to Material Girls/Boys

  1. Juli says:

    I got a great anniversary card from Anne one year that did re-invent the gifts with items like latex, hot wax, bondage items, etc. – I don’t think I kept it but it was hilarious! We’re at 15 next year – should that be the wrist restraints and cat-o-nine tails year you think?!?!

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