Happy New Year! No Thank You.


Anybody need botox?

Anybody need botox?

I don’t like New Years.  I never have and I have no intention of changing that in the near or distant future.  I do not understand the desire to go out and mix with other “adults” and watch them be merry and drunk. Generally January sucks arse for me so I will wait until February and celebrate Chinese New Year’s instead.

However, I do have some exceptional plans for tomorrow – 

  1. Going to the Museum of Science & Industry with the family at the crack of dawn.  I am so excited for this it feels like Christmas Pt. 2!  I intend to purchase many wax statues for them as nothing says a Chicago museum trip like a $3.00 wax statue of the U-505.  I do love the smell of those things too.
  2. Chinese for dinner….and not even the meal part.  Just a bunch of assorted starters and some nice fried rice.
  3. Then we will celebrate the New Year at 7pm with some noise makers (like the kids need any of these), funny bead necklaces and a host of other crap bought at the party store by me.
  4. Then finally a peaceful celebration with the weefe at the correct time.

And best of all I can stay out of the general fray and not see Ryan Seacrest for a single second.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year! No Thank You.

  1. dave says:

    yeah happy new year to you too, jerkface

  2. martineden says:

    You enjoy getting blitzed with vixen and prancer and whomever else you have lined up. I am going to eat some crab rangoon and maybe if we get crazy play a board game! I rock out big time.

    Be safe though MF.

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