College Football Still Sucks.

In my annual review of things I can still say that college football sucks.  You wonder why no one can tackle in the NFL just watch a game on Saturday’s. Most of these college “coaches”  base 90% of their job on recruiting and then let the chips fall where they may.  Do these kids have fundamentals so well installed that they do not need coaching after 17/18?  

The NFL should just go the way of MLB and create a minor league system.  That way guys could be coached and aim for their true goal of playing on Sundays.  I am not saying abolish college football but lets face it the NFL is a business and they need a better supplier than the current one.

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One Response to College Football Still Sucks.

  1. martineden says:

    I will comment to my own on this one. Texas Tech vs. Ole closed forever on this issue.

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