Polpette di Carne






A good tomato or two is the key to good spaghetti sauce and everyone knows this.  However, I think meatballs rank 1A in making a quality sauce/dish.  Nothing tops off a sauce like the flavor of meat in it regardless of what vegetables or spices you drop in it.  I have become much better over the years about saving various bones and using them shortly for sauces or soups – I have a heck of a nice ham bone in my freezer now waiting to become soup this weekend courtesy of my sisters dinner the other night.  However, you need more than a hint of meat in it in my humble opinion and that is where the meatballs come in.  My suggestions –

  • At least 1.5lbs. of ground beef.  Anything less just becomes too subtle.
  • No 95% lean beef!  Drop down to 85% or lower, as you need that fat.
  • 2 eggs. 
  • Lots of breadcrumbs.  I cannot tell you an exact amount, as I do not use measuring cups.  This isn’t Top Chef; it’s my fricking kitchen.  You figure it out.
  • Skip adding cheese.  Keep it simple is what I have learned.
  • KEEP IT SMALL.  Everyone knows my love of small food but here it is quite justified.  2-bite meatballs are perfect.
  • Give yourself time.  Get those meatballs in the sauce at least 2 hours before serving.  Let them work their magic in the sauce and let the sauce work its magic in them for a good balance.

Again, have fun with this, as I do not believe in rights or wrongs only good and better.  This will be even better when my vegetarian daughters come out of the closest.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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