Can We Opt For The Water Landing?


Looks Like It Won't Crash.

Looks Like It Won't Crash.



So I clearly have a preference for American Airlines.  Most other airlines fall into 2 other categories…”ugh” and “oh hell no”.  To get a sense of scale on this here are a few examples – 

  • United – “Ugh”
  • Southwest – “Oh Hell No”
  • Jet Blue – “Ugh”
  • Cathay Pacific – “American-Like”
  • China Air – “Oh Hell No”
  • Northwest – “Ugh”

Now until recently I had not flown on US Airways in a long time so they were still unblemished in my life.  Not anymore.  “Oh Hell No” is the official designation.  Grocery list below – 

  • $15 per baggage.  I know it should be expected but it still blows.
  • $30 to move from seat 26F (next to the filth depository) to 6D.  The damn seat is open anyway so why the hell does this matter.  
  • I have to pay for a Diet Coke?  Hey I expect to pay $6 for a shitty box lunch on all airlines but $2 for a DC?  Does that come with ice or is that extra?  How about the cup?  Why don’t you just pour that shit in my hands for like $0.10 ala Chris Rock.
  • Optional flight attendants.  Did I pay less for my ticket as I believe we are missing something.  Portland to Phoenix to Chicago.  4 times I saw someone who might resemble a flight attendant but it could have just been a passenger wearing all blue with too much peroxide in their hair.
  • And finally as I try to just work the flight away I put down my tray and see this for the next 5 hours….
Enjoy Your Flight.

Enjoy Your Flight.

We know you have a choice when flying so next time you want to fly in a bio-waste filled tube with $2 Diet Cokes please choose US Airways.

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One Response to Can We Opt For The Water Landing?

  1. martineden says:

    Holy Shit! I must be gaining in my ability to read the future. Nice….and huge thanks for that fricking pilot and lots of calm passengers.

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