I Only Like Mini Food

What the heck am I going to do about a car?  It took 2+ years to even become a two car household and I hate that as it is.  Now with a 3rd on the way I am going to have to get a new, car but what?  I sure as hell do not want a mini-van.  I gave up enough moving out to the suburbs.  I gave up moving further out to the suburbs/rural hickville.  Enough is enough, I draw the line, I declare war – No mini-van.

Ok so now what?  Do I get a ginormous vehicle that can also double as a monster truck?  Do I get a wood paneled station wagon and let them fight it out 3 across?  So much of parenting is a byproduct of your own childhood but I had one sibling, thats it and trust me car seats were not required back then so what do I do?

Well I have no idea but beside the no mini-van concept I can take one more stand – 




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I am not here to please anyone.
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