Be Brief, Be Fucked

So today I was at Target buying the random materials needed in life – box tape, cards, diapers, dresses, etc.  Mainly one thing you need and then a cartload of shit you really don’t need.  I finish up the endless walk and I get up to the front of the check out line and the following conversations occurs-

  • Target Employee – Hello.
  • JM – Hello.
  • Target Employee – How are you doing today?
  • JM- I am well.  How is your day?
  • Target Employee – Surviving.
  • JM – “Nod of head”……………………………………..(I thought this was the end of the conversation)
  • Target Employee – Although some days I am not sure why.

Ok.  Thank you for that brief and eerie conversation ma’am.  Maybe you could wait to off yourself until I slide my card through if possible.

My only suggestion here is that we parents need to teach our children the concept of polite conversation.  The art of this is knowing that all exchanges should be over within 10 seconds.  No more no less.  Be polite and nice and that is how you want to be treated but leave it at that.  I don’t really need to know “how you are doing”.  Just say fine or good or great or smile.  4 or maybe 5 word questions followed by one word answers and a smile.  

Please fellow parents, don’t let your children grow up thinking that the world is hanging on their every word and motion.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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3 Responses to Be Brief, Be Fucked

  1. Lindsay says:

    Really you allowed that conversation to exist because you asked back, “how area you doing?”. When a sales person asks me, “how are you?” I will say fine, great, whatever. I never ask back the same question. I don’t give a shit how they feel, and I know they don’t really care how I am as well. I do not wish them ill, but if they are it’s not my business.

  2. martineden says:


    You are turning into me.

  3. dave says:

    God bless the only person on earth that could say that to you (besides me).


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