3rd Annual Academy Awards Pool….And We Are Off!

So most of you BM readers (all 3 of you) + the twenty or so you received the first email this year regarding the upcoming Academy Awards and more importantly Joseph’s & Lindsay’s 3rd Annual Oscar Pool.  Last year the winner got over $60 so I am hoping you can all pull in a few more folks so we can get the prize money closer to $75, $25 & $5.  If you did not get the email or happen to read the BM and want to join in check out the email below and let me know if you want a ballot by leaving a comment here –

Over the weekend the ballots will be emailed out for the 81st Academy Awards and more importantly Joseph’s & Lindsay’s 3rd Academy Award Pool!  The ceremony this year is on Sunday February, 22nd at 7pm CST on ABC.  The host is Hugh Jackman so I think we could be in line for an enjoyable and quick night.  For more information on the actual show check out http://www.oscar.com.

In addition to the ballots going out this week I will be running several stories including SAG, Golden Globe Winners and a few other handicapping sites at my lovely blog – https://belligerentman.wordpress.com over the next 3 weeks so please stop by.

My hope is that we can have every ballot in along with the $5.00 entry fee by Friday February 20th.  You will be able to email these in of course for convenience.  If you have any other folks whom you like to involve in this tomfoolery please forward on the ballot or let me know an email address and I will forward the ballot and future to them.  Again, children and pets are allowed in as long as they have a filled out ballot and $5.00 as we are not picky.  

Also please note that the lovely Brenda does not owe a thing for this years pool due to a rough year last year.  Thanks again and best of luck to you all and let me know if you have any questions.

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