Grammy Thoughts

Ok so I am going to watch this show and put some thoughts down.  I will consider this a little prep work/homework for the Oscar telecast.

  1. U2 – You are never going to hear a negative come out of my mouth on these guys.  Love the new song and the performance was spot on especially the visuals.  I think it was a great idea to put the lyrics up on the screen to help the Carrie Underwood/Miley Cyrus crowd.
  2. Al Green – Not too bad of a performance at all for the wife beating reverend.  Good idea to pair him with Justin Timberlake as well.  And nice to see that hack Keith Urban being “featured” on guitar.
  3. Coldplay – Holy crap in every way.  I hate this fucking copycat band.  From he stupid outfits, to the dramatic BS to the self-indulgent experimental/Radiohead rip-off sound.  
  4. Carrie Underwood – Look I hate country music so sorry but this is horseshit in every way.  She needs to stop pretending to be a Faith Hill/Shania Twain love child and get her own look and sound.  This is the definition of a studio creation in every way.
  5. Sugarland Acceptance Speech – Nice job.  Seemed classy and fun.  
  6. Song of the Year (Coldplay) – This is based on radio right?  This was not anyone’s song of the year now was it?
  7. Kid Rock – Mr. Preachy needs to slow down on the pulpit.  You cannot just grow dignity or credibility over night sir.  Rock out but please cut the preaching.  And by the way…Skynard said they want their sound back.
  8. Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus – First off I just watched Ratatouille tonight and I think Miley looks like a rat when she sings.  These two suck in every way and someone should have kept them away from an acoustic performance.
  9. Jennifer Hudson – Talk about a crappy deal of a year for a Chicago product.  Too dramatic and too over sung for my liking.
  10. Jonas Brothers – These 3 young men might be excellent sons and a tribute to their community.  However, they cannot sing or perform to save anyone’s life.  Bad enough I have to hear them butcher one of their songs but please not Stevie’s!  For future reference Mr. Wonder should never share the stage with anyone.
  11. Best Rock Album – Coldplay over Metallica.  That makes a hell of alot of sense.  Maybe put them in the Lacking Sack Rock Category.
  12. Katie Perry – Hope you are saving up your money, as you will be in the Tara Reid category pretty soon.
  13. Estelle/Kanye West – I love that track and lover their performance.  My wife called out that Kanye was channeling Jermaine Jackson and his soul-glo.
  14. MIA – Nice job getting those 4 egos on stage together.  Loved every minute of it.
  15. Radiohead – Brilliant performance.  It has been a long time since I have visited that well and it looks like I better get back for a nice long cool drink.
  16.  Lil’ Wayne.  I am loving him more each time I hear and/or see him.  Nice performance but next time drop that cheese dick Thicke.
  17. Best Album – That was surprising to say the least but at least no Coldplay.

All and all a nice show with pretty good performances but again too much Coldplay.  The song of the night was Radiohead by a long shot so go check that out.

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