4 Days To Go

As I walked in this morning I thought of many things including ditching work based on the current temperature of 51 and a projected high of 62.  Then I realized that I should have only one thought on my mind regarding this weather as we all know it will be fleeting and probably be 17 degrees by this time next week – 


50% Less Steroids Since 2003

50% Less Steroids Since 2003

Pitchers and catchers report on Friday for the Cubs and that is all that matters on a beautiful spring like day.  I am officially excited and I unofficially don’t care at all about the rest of the baseball news including – 

  1. A-Rod – Hey if NY does not want him will they send him our way?  Best actual apology I have seen in quite some time.  Now leave Madonna and date some non-Skeletor looking thing.
  2. Steroids in general as I sure as hell do not care and I sure as hell do not think most athletes are cleaner or more amped up today than they were 5 years ago or 30 years ago.  Don’t tell me greenies were not available in the late 60’s and 70’s.  
  3. Bud Selig – I really detest you Bud.  Where have you been hiding the last 24 hours while your biggest star has been out in front saying things like “It was league-wide” and “It was the culture” about PED use in YOUR league?  On that is right you don’t care about the league as you are just a glorified short term owner you piece of shit.

Now that I got what I unofficially do not care about off my chest I can say that I committed to the cute little bear again this year after the last 2 years.  I know they made the playoffs and had great teams but my own personal issues got in the way of enjoying them.  The Cubs were synonymous with my former life and even watching them the last 2 years made me feel like a dirty filthy stealing whore so it was hard to do it.  It was no fun watching them and thinking back on fraudulent times. But I’m back though now and scrubbed 2-times clean in anticipation of the 2009 season.

Bring it on and also the snow that will be coming in the next few days.

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