Random Oscar Thought by BM

A couple of odd Academy Award questions I have been asking myself after putting together our ballot –

  • How do you have 4 nominations in the Lead & Supporting Actor/Actress category and not get a nod for Best Picture or Achievement in Directing?  I am not sure but go ahead and ask the cast of Doubt.
  •  8 nominations for The Dark Knight?  How many nominations does it get if Heath Ledger is still alive?  God knows I really hate Batman and I really find Heath-Styeria annoying but come on.
  • Is it me or is Kate Winslet freaking great in every way.
  • On the flipside of Doubt how do you get nominated for best Picture, Achievement in Directing & Adapted Screenplay but get 0 nominations for the Lead & Supporting Actor/Actress categories?  Let’s ask the Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire that question after their acceptance speech.
  • I love Hugh Jackman but is it odd that he is hosting?  Was Mr. Stewart too political?
  • Is it me or is Kate Winslet freaking great in every way.
  • Hold on…..is Cate Blanchett not nominated this year?  What the hell happened?

I know this is subjective like saying this years Super Bowl was the greatest ever but I have never been less enthused by the nominations this year than ever before.  My only hope is that Mr. Paul Newman receives a deserving tribute and Kate Winslet wins.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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