Academy Awards – Not Really Assistance Pt. 6

Well I have read papers, websites, blogs, magazines and really any Oscar sources I could get my hands on in order to better educate me on an Academy Award show that does very, very little to excite me.  I have said it before that this year really underwhelmed me in every way regarding movies. However, I have seen a decent amount and have a few thoughts – 

  1. Best Picture – Ugh.  
  2. Actor – Really I like Brad Pitt but he is seriously being considered for an Oscar?  How exactly did Mr. DiCaprio get passed over for Revolutionary Road and Body Of Lies and Mr. Pitt got a nod?  
  3. Supporting Actor – Easy one to pick.
  4. Actress – Please tell me Kate Winslet is going to get this over another bland Meryl Streep choice.
  5. Supporting Actress- Penelope Cruz?  How in the world is this going to happen?  It is bad enough that Hillary Swank has two statues but Penelope Cruz?  And how does Mickey Rourke generate so much buzz while Ms. Tomei gets virtually zero?  

And a few other thoughts – 

  • The Wrestler was good but not great in my mind.  I guess the key in this one is to start a career off with a dazzling light, fall to the worst depths and just come back in any format.
  • Everyone knows I hate Batman in every format but I did see this to judge it on it’s own merit.  Again, I do not disagree with Heath Ledger as a Supporting Actor winner but people who said this was the best movie or deserved a nomination are crazy.  Too long, way to far fetched and some strikingly bad casting on top of some great casting equals an uneven movie all the way around.
  • Body of Lies received too little credit for what it is worth.  
  • I love Robert Downey Jr. and it is great to see a comedic presence in the Academy but this one just does not make sense.  Not that funny all the way around is the best way I can describe everything about Tropic Thunder.
  • You know that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button did 3 Million more than You Don’t Mess With The Zohan.  So stop the Forrest Gump comparisons already.
  • How did Gran Torino get shut out exactly would be another fine question to ask the Academy.

As I was reviewing the top 139 box office movies of the year I just cannot get over how bad of a year this was overall to me.

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