And The Winner Is……


Lamest Trophy I Could Find

Lamest Trophy I Could Find

This is the after the 1st recount but I will of course re-check tomorrow and if you have any oddities let me know.  This was a close year and a great show so let us know your thoughts – 

Drumroll please…………………………….

  1. Joseph M. – 69
  2. Ann F. – 64 
  3. Quinn – 62 (Ann’s 6 month old son by the way)
  4. Juli P. – 60
  5. TIE – Rachel/Eric & Katherine B. – 59
  6. Matt P. – 58
  7. Rhea & Olivia – 54
  8. Mr. B – 54 (THE DOG)
  9. Lindsay M. – 46
  10. Sara B. – 42
  11. Paula S. – 41
  12. Dave H. – 40
  13. Jen R. – 39
  14. Bryan B. – 38 
  15. Denise & Jerry C. – 26
  16. Rosemary M. – 25
  17. John R. – 19
  18. Bob B. – 16

As you can see these scores are  in alot of bunches as the top 4 were only separated by 9 points which is a pretty narrow margin.  The final stroke came down to Ann vs. Me and it ended up being decided over Best Actor.  I do not have too much more to say as I have blogged pretty much throughout the show (12 times including this one) but I have to say this was a great show and I think the producers did a fantastic job along with Hugh Jackman.  Let me know any thoughts or comments as we love to hear from you.  Also send in your money and come back to the BM whenever you can.

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2 Responses to And The Winner Is……

  1. Juli says:

    I cannot believe I was shut out of 3rd by 2 points to a 6 month old! Damn, between Quinn & Mr. B the rest of us just don’t stand a chance! LOL

  2. martineden says:

    Well at least 3rd did not pay anything this year as noted earlier! You had a strong showing though all the way to the end. Like so many folks Mickey Rourke or Sean Penn either made or killed the ballot.

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