Oscar Prize Money

So unless the numbers change this is the winning take (Split from a pot that was $95)

  • 1st Place – $80.00
  • 2nd Place – $15.00

And our wonderful friend Bob Batzold has won the honor of having a free ballot next year due to his slightly off pace score of 16!  I can honestly say that the key for me this after doing these damn Oscar Pools for many years is this……never vote for who you want to win.  Only vote for who you think will win.  I always used to fight picks in the past and as an example I normally would have chosen Marisa Tomei over Penelope Cruz but this year I went in the opposite direction and throughout my own personal thoughts and just ran with the buzz/stats and it worked really well.  I think between the LA Times site THE ENVELOPE and Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune I received the best information as well.  Now maybe I can heck out some of the new movies as my head wont get in the way of my picks.  I am still really suspicious of Benjamin Button but we shall see.  

Thanks again to everyone that joined in.  Next year we will add some wrinkles and some improvements and please send me any suggestions or comments.  Thanks again.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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