Clarification Pt. 1

Well hard to put down something you know nothing about so I might as well allow a little knowledge flow.  This is the The Ting Tings performing one of their “bigger” songs “That’s Not My Name” – 

For further reference the The Ting Tings are a kinda-cute fully harmless band out of the UK that is a sassier cross between Feist and Dido and lacking any really strong or even adult content.  More along the lines of techno/rave but with real instruments and a very stripped down sound in general.  They make alot of appearances on the show Yo Gabba Gabba.  They do a great cover of Altered Images “Happy BIrthday” and since I cannot find a great link check it out HERE and some of you might remember from Sixteen Candles.

Again, hard to attack music that one does not know or choose to understand but such is life.  However, I will happily have my kids listen to this any day over 99% of the crap that is out there today ranging from The Jonas Brothers to Miley Cyrus.

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