Clarification Pt. 2

Ok so now on to the 2nd part of a recent post attacked.  I think I said my two sense about The Tings Tings and now onto the lovely and talented Estelle.  Now some people come from the school that their kids should listen to “kids music” or age appropriate music.  I don’t buy age appropriate music as it really comes down to lyrical content and context and I happen to think that I know what is best for my kids.  However, I can understand this but at the end of the day good music is good music.

My greatest fear for my kids is ignorance of other cultures and people and a love of the White Sox.  Near the top 10 though is not knowing what is good or bad music.  It might seem shallow but if you cannot pull music apart than how can you tell who the good or bad people are?  Good music can come in almost any form and often is found where you least WANT to find it.  It is quite easy to turn a blind ear to a genre and pretend that is 100% crap but that is not the case.  I mean could you imagine doing that regarding literature?  Oh screw that Jack London or Mark Twain as they were just American writers!  It is complete nonsense. 

Now that being said here is a performance featuring Estelle and John Legend.  And please remember to open your ears and maybe even close your eyes if you happen to have those types of judgements in your heart.

And I do hope my kids will be able to tell that this is great music.

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