Quote #2

I rarely read Rolling Stone as A) it sucks and B) critics in general suck but by this time of the month with this much travel I have read every other magazine out there.  So as I could not find a book to pick up at the airport, as I actually read literature and not The Last Lecture or James Patterson, I was stuck with buying RS to help pass through the next 4+ hours.

The saving grace was U2 was on the cover with a fairly decent article on them inside that included interviews so kudos to RS.  I am beyond biased when it comes to U2 as everyone knows but this gem from Mr. Bono bears repeating especially from a fellow Catholic –

“There’s no doubt about the fact that I have a wild streak and I’d be very capable of setting fire to myself.  So, you know, I don’t go to church for the view”

Man I could not agree with that anymore based on where I come from mentally.  I still think that at least 20% is always on fire by my own hand but at least I am far from consumed at this point of life. 

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4 Responses to Quote #2

  1. Dude says:

    So if it was “fairly decent” what could’ve made it better? What was missing?

  2. martineden says:

    I think what might have made it better honestly was a little more in depth with Adam Clayton or Larry Mullen. I love Bono and I truly can’t get enough of him and Edge but this article hinted at the complex scenario surrounding “the other two” but kinda just let that aspect fizzle out on it’s own. I would have appreciated it more if it had gone more into that honestly.

  3. Dude says:

    fair enough. guess they can only fit so much into 6,000 words or so

  4. martineden says:

    And again, it was good. I just wanted more. No slight on RS for it though.

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