What to do, What to do

A 3-day weekend?!  Well that seems like a perfect time to get over ambitious with my time and then feel guilty for not getting everything done on my list so lets put that list down on ye ole blog so I can track my future shame with myself – 

  1. Mow the lawn (seems easy)
  2. Weeding and finish one more side of beds (Seems kinda easy)
  3. Haircuts for the girls (seems easy but tricky pending bribery)
  4. Paint hall bathroom (seems easy)
  5. Find a church pew for sale that I like (seems easy)
  6. Buy said church pew and get it out to the Wego (we shall see)
  7. Park time with kids pending weather (easy)
  8. Write more than 4 blog entries (easy)
  9. Play a little rock band (seems easy)
  10. Find a book to read (Not easy)
  11. Get in the normal amount of work/work planning (of course this will get done)
  12. Watch Cubs (iffy at best)
  13. Watch 1 rented movie with wife and go see one movie (seems easy)
  14. Buy new razor (easy, more on that disaster later)
  15. Update DVR to record more shows I like (iffy at best)

Ok so 15 things seem like a good start so lets see what we can do..

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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