What is done, What is done

So day 1 of this lovely long weekend is near to the finale so lets see where the tally is today.  I am going to list my accomplishments as I would in my own sick mind as I click down from one hundred trying to fall alseep – 

  1. Made breakfast for all and especially for weefe
  2. Went to the park for a nice portion of time
  3. Ate at Rockets (Hey we don’t have In-N-Out so we do our best)
  4. Took the girls for ice cream
  5. Haircuts for the girls without fussiness or crying
  6. Got them a new Barbie that they sure as shit did not need
  7. Laid mulch down on the entire front lawn after 4 trips to Home Depot
  8. Girls got to run through sprinkler
  9. Picked up paint to start painting project tomorrow
  10. Picked up new hardware for master bath to complete that room
  11. Had a family movie night with The Tale of Despereaux (good but slightly above them but that is still ok)

So it was a full busy day all things considered and now my mind can rest.

Ok the rest is over and now I can think about what I did not do and what needs to be done tomorrow.  Good night.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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