A Fun Day

Today has been quite the fun day.  First we started off at Henry Vilas Zoo, located in Madison, WI.  You will not mistake this for Brookfield but this is not a petting zoo!  The fact that you can see a polar bear, multiple species of primates and a great tiger exhibit plus the fact that this is a no-charge admission makes it an ideal spot for a family.  They also have a nice central area for kids that includes a carousel a short train ride (both for $1) and this….


This happens to be one of the coolest tree houses/ playsets I have ever encountered and I have seen a bunch.  The next nice part of this zoo is that it is located across the street from Vilas Beach.  Again you are not going to confuse this for Oak Street or any other large body of water beach but the fact my kids can walk 40′ out makes it perfect for them.  We then ended up at a fantastic toy store,  (clearly I have lost individual perspective) Oompa.  This store focuses on import toys and features some of the coolest toys out there, trust me more on that later.

All in all a lovely 3 day mini vacation with the family.  Not so restful but quite lovely, especially this day.

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