Busy Home

Ok over this weekend this is what I will have on tap in the home improvement category –

  • Storm Door – It looks like we will have a storm door installed over the weekend if the timing works out ok.  We went with black as we have a black door and white trim.  I do not know for sure but I like the black storm door concept.
  • Nursery – This room has all the individual elements to appear done but I clearly have to put them together.  This includes painting…oh joy.
  • Crib Switch – I think my almost 3-year old is going to move into a bed in the next few weeks so that means time for me to paint one of the vintage bed frames we have.  At least it is primed so that should be quite a bit easier.
  • Fence – Final fence quote should be in on Friday so we can at least make that decision.
  • Painting – The ongoing saga appears to have an end.  So all I have left is – kids bathroom, master BR re-paint, 2nd story of entryway and the nursery.  Then the whole house is painted.  Sweet god it will only have taken 10 months!

I might try to sneak in a few other things this weekend as it would be nice to sit back and look and see some finished work….and then start wondering what is next 20 seconds later of course.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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