Not Exactly A Normal Day

Well i am trying to shake a cold that has been sitting in my chest for about 1 week now and it seems like I am on the verge of victory. Based on this I am working from home today in the hopes of getting 2-3 more hours of sleep to help knock it out once and for all. However, I have the following independent parts moving in my house today that are not conducive to rest or relaxation –

  • Painting – After some serious deliberations and reflections that led me to conclude my death was imminent I decide to hire a painter to paint the 2nd story of the entryway.  This was a good call in every way after seeing this project in process I have to admit.  My DIY mentality and overall pride in handling everything in my own home is a brilliant thought and concept but common sense occasionally wins out.  Hooray.
  • Storm Door – In an effort to either prevent the kids from breaking in or breaking out of the house I have added a storm door.  i never once flirted with doing this project as the kind folks at Lowe’s were all to eager to assist me and lighten my bank account in this regard.  We went with a black frame instead of the standard white and I think this will turn out well.  However, or  “of course”, the frame had to be extended and now that means I will have to paint this extended frame.  It is amazingly common how one project’s completion leads to another’s need to begin 99% of the tim.

Not quite the restful day I imagined but nothing feels better (outside of little ones stuff) than getting things done around a house. I prefer when I do it  but done is done.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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