Vote 2009: Health Care

ama2nd Vote:

Health Care Reform

Needed Or Not Needed*

Just looking for a yes or no.

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5 Responses to Vote 2009: Health Care

  1. bewil says:

    IMO, before something like this is pushed through, maybe doctors, and med companies, should think about the income they gain atm, that would help a lot with or with out the reform. But either way I believe that it should apply to every one, EVERYONE. But hey, what do I know, right

  2. bewil says:


  3. martineden says:

    Just remember that is not about what you know, it is about what is needed. Need is often the plot device that brings about better research and further and often better answers.

  4. Lindsay says:


  5. Lindsay says:

    And we don’t want to visit Kentucky.

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