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In a rare moment of peace and tranquility the weefe and I were able to sit down and enjoy a movie we had wanted to catch at the theater but had been unable to do so.  The movie was Adventureland (2009) directed and written by Greg Motolla (Dir. Superbad) starring Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig.

  • Disclaimer 1 – I do not like movie reviews.  Never have, never will.  I have said this before and I will say it until I die that in my opinion movies are not art.  Movies are not the labor of love of one individual soul.  They are a business model regardless if you are making art films or if you are making any movie with Nick Cage.  They are simply a means for entertainment commerce.  I do not put too much stock into them as such.  As such reviews are just opinions by idiots.  The longer and deeper the review the bigger the idiot.
  • Disclaimer 2 – I love movies.  I love everything about going to see them and I still feel the magic getting into my seats and getting popcorn and the whole 9 yards.  Movies are best in theaters (AMC, no doubt) but in the right (i.e. peaceful & quiet) situation I can enjoy them at home.
  • Disclaimer 3 – I probably did not need disclaimers but I like them.

I really enjoyed Adventureland.  I liked the story immensely and enjoyed the well put together cast.  It had some incredibly funny moments in it and overall sweetness I enjoyed.  I am not a fan of movies like Superbad/40 Year Old Virgin/Knocked Up as the one thing these movies miss is the sweetness or tenderness that can really define any relationship and any relationship movie.  I also do not find repetitive raunchy humor that funny so Adventureland offered a different type of funny based on the akwardness of the 80’s and the fringe people within that time period.  This movie was marketed really poorly as this was much closer to Almost Famous then Superbad by far as this is more of a coming of age movie then straight comedy.

My favorite part of dialogue in the whole movie was when Joel (secondary character) was asked his major in college and replied “Russian literature in the slavic language”.  The highly stoned girl replied with a simple “cool” and then followed up with a realistic question – “what is the career track for that?”.  Without missing a beat he said “taxi driver, pot delivery guy….the world is my oyster”.  God love that.

The movie had 2 things though that threw me off – the kids seemed way too young and too akward to be college age and the music.  Most of the times the kids felt like and sounded like they were in the transition between high school and college based on the angst they had but maybe that was just me.  Also the music, while great, did not resonate with the times with me and especially the season.  Two tiny things in one really likable movie is not so bad.

Check it out as it is on DVD now …… Adventureland.

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3 Responses to Funny Movie

  1. bewil says:

    Yea, sry I can not bring myself to watch it, though I would think it is due to my taste of movies in general, which is why I will be heading out to see The Final Destination. (Now that is a collection of movies that should not be missed)

  2. martineden says:

    No horror ever. I do not watch horror movies. Never have and never will. Not my thing at all.

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