Thanks be to all that is good that football is back.  And no, I do not mean that crappy, small-time, psuedo-minor league shit that put out under the label NCAA.  I mean the NFL.  Steelers vs. Titans, game 1.  Quite a start based on this one as we got in the tight defensive battle, lots of passing and an overtime victory all in one lovely evening.  Couple of my highlights –

  • I love the Steelers D.  The linebackers are just nuts and between Farrior & Harrison they are always 1 broken play away from a massive turnover.  It also seems like they are one of the few teams that are still taught that the game is a contact and (SHOULD BE) violent sport.
  • Good luck tackling Big Ben in the pocket.  Like a fucking tree planted in the ground back there sometimes but man is he strong and tough back there.
  • The Titans are too trendy of a pick.  I do not think they will have the ammo and I would not trust Collins two years in a row by a long shot.

Again, great start.  Now let’s roll on to the main even Sunday night – BEARS vs. packers!  Woot!

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