Time To Get High

It's the only drug that did not fuck with my taste buds.

It's the only drug that did not fuck with my taste buds.

Courtesy of RushLimbaugh.com –

“So Obama’s America is quite possibly going to include the National Football League, and pressure from Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus and other places might be brought to bear on the owners. I can’t imagine that that’s anything they want. You know, as all businesses are, they’re regulated to a certain extent by the federal government but this would be a huge expansion of that. And that threat is being bandied about. And I don’t expect anyone to admit it. The owners are not going to admit that. They don’t want to. I’m sure that the reaction to this today will be, “Ah, Limbaugh doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” It will be another one of these things, but that is one of the things that I do know is going on behind the scenes.

And of course to make me the poster boy here for, “Oh, my God look! These guys, would they ever consider Limbaugh?” It’s designed to intimidate the owners, frighten the owners and say, “We’re running this league now, gang, not you. Even though you may own the teams, we’re running it, not you,” and this was a little warning shot fired across the bow to the owners to say, “Get ready, here we come,” for the next collective bargaining agreement. So we’ll see how it all unfolds. The end result of this, folks… Let me run through it very, very quickly. I have lost nothing. I have lost very little. On the other hand, our country has lost a great deal — a lot more than most people realize at the moment”

Ok, you want to be a part owner of a team in the NFL.  The most valuable franchises in professional sports in the USA that is.  And you don’t like the heat you received in the process, well so fucking what.  You think the owners of the NFL are card carrying Dems for the love of God?  Everyone of them is a business unto themselves and they care about one thing Rushy…making fucking money.  And your involvement would hinder that.  Not one question about that.

And how would you reconcile with the fact that the NFL is a socialized business in the way of revenue sharing and salary caps?  Not much free market in the NFL unless you want the players to decide on everything.  Except you are saying that the NFL players are using this as a bargaining tool…exactly the same type of free market ploy you would endorse every day of your life.  Which is it?  Again, you can’t have it both ways (unless your Glenn Beck) but I guess when you are stoned 80% of the time your judgement does get a little foggy.  Go back to your little radio show and leave the NFL to the real business people.

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