Kill Em All

Oh I might be a leftist liberal at my core but I can tell you this.  After reading about this rape I will again repeat my stance –

  • Rape a person over the age of 18 you should be castrated and imprisoned 20-25 years.
  • Rape a person 17 or under you should be put to death after 6 months in general population prison (that is for the pay back side).

Again, this of course based on a confession or positive DNA confirmation for the sake of justice.  People like to say that we judge a society based on how we treat our criminals but I like to say that that severe punishment is totally warranted when you choose to behave like an animal.


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2 Responses to Kill Em All

  1. Captbewil says:

    This should not only apply to the people that “committed” the crime, but to people who stand by and do nothing while this is occurring. Incidents like this bring me back to the belief that this world is a horrible place because people chose not to help each other. So yes I agree with you that those who commit crimes like this should not just sit in jail (regardless of age) they should be given the most sever punishment possible, because the defense of, oh, well they are a child and did not know better is B.S, because our kids would never do that, and if my kids did please believe that I would still agree with the above punishment. I also feel the same should apply to those that stood by and did nothing to help, even if it was as simple as reporting it while it was happening.

  2. martineden says:

    In California there is a said law for not reporting a crime….but only if the victim is under 14! What kind of fucking sense does that make?

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