Lady Crap Crap

Ok, I have tried to resist the stage of my life when I start to tell children that their music sucks and that we had good music when I was a kid but Lady Gaga?  I mean really.  Let’s not even bother with bringing up the countless female acts from the 80’s that she has directly ripped off and only discuss her level of crapola to some of her contemporaries.  Multiple times over the last several months I have heard idiot DJ’s (does anyone use that term) talk about her “brilliance” and the fact that she is a real “talent” as she can write, sing and dance.

Writing is a bit subjective based on what you want to get out of it but overall I will say her writing sucks arse as she relies on repetitive phrasing more than Dustin Hoffman in Rainman.  Writing 7 sentences and saying them 28 times in a row does not constitute writing talent.  At least you can find artists such as Estelle or Gwen Stefani who write full length songs that actually attempt to tell stories or convey thoughts.

Sing…jebus you must be kidding me.  The nasal sounds are only enhanced by the autotune that she uses to drive deer away faster than a deer whistle on the front of a F150 going 120mph.

And dance, she looks like a bad video regarding polio for gods sake and no offense to those with polio as I am sure you can dance much much better.

Please folks, I will buy alot of crap but don’t try to sell me Lady Gaga as being anything other than a 2-3 wonder based more on image than substance.

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One Response to Lady Crap Crap

  1. Captbewil says:

    omg! for once I agree with you.

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